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What I Thought Was An iOS 4.3 Bug

Good evening everyone!

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably updated to iOS 4.3 yesterday or today. I really like iOS 4.3 and I find it very snappy compared to iOS 4.2.1. I also notice that I’m getting better reception on AT&T’s 10.0 carrier file as well!

Anyway, after updating to iOS 4.3, I noticed that my photos didn’t sync. I got an error telling me that my iPhone didn’t have enough free space. I had 4 GB of photos on my phone. I had 6 GB available. Now I’m thinking, “What the heck?!”

I did some research and nothing really turned up throughout the course of the day. So I decided to just experiment and try to fix it.

After poking around in iPhoto and iTunes, I finally found my solution. It’s very tedious, but it worked for me.

I opened up iTunes and unchecked everything under the photos tab under my iPhone and then synced my phone. A message popped up and asked me if I wanted to delete the photos from my phone. I said yes. At this point, I also deleted ALL my music off my iPhone as well. At this point, the only items left on my phone were all my apps.

I opened up iPhoto and created a new empty album. I moved 3,000 pictures from the “old” album to the new one. I then plugged in my iPhone and synced it with iTunes. I went into the photo tab and turned on sync photos and then selected the new album to sync that contained the 3,000 pictures. As soon as I clicked it, it told me that it would take up 7 GB of space on my phone! So 3,000 pics = ~7 GB usage of iPhone space!

I then synced it. It went through the optimization first followed by copying the pictures to my phone. As soon as both of those were done, the Photo size decreased from taking up 7 GB on my iPhone to 1.18 GB. Now this makes more sense to me.

I repeated the above step; moving 3,000 pics per sync, and finally after 4 syncs, I had all the pics back on the phone.

I then opened up iPhoto and deleted the old album and I changed the name of the new album back to the name of the old album. iTunes recognized this and automatically applied the changes.

Now I just had to re-add all my music, books, etc and I was back in business.

This is a very tedious process, but if you want to carry a lot of pics with you from one or more albums, then this is the best solution I thought up.

I hope, if anyone has this problem, that everyone finds this useful.

Thanks everyone and goodnight!

SquareUp everyone!

Hello everyone.

You are all probably wondering what the heck this blog title is all about.  Well, I am here to answer that.  🙂

SquareUp is a new company, founded by one of the co-founders of Twitter.  SquareUp makes it possible for anyone and everyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android devices to accept credit card transactions.  Yes, anyone with one of those devices can take credit card payments!  No monthly fees, no early termination fees, accepts cash transactions, has customer loyalty options, accept tips at either percent or to the whole dollar, and low credit card transaction fees.  That’s a really great deal if you don’t sell a lot of your product.  The transaction fees are .15 cents plus a small percentage.  That’s not too bad.  The average fees for other merchant companies are around .50 cents per transaction.  Oh, a plus to having SquareUp is that you don’t have to have a merchant account!  Those can become very costly.  Another plus is that SquareUp gives you the card reader for free!!!  I’m not kidding, it really is free!

The card reader plugs directly into the headphone jack of one of the devices listed above.

Here is a video showing how SquareUp works.

As you can see, it’s very easy to use yet intuitive enough to protect your customers’ privacy and credit card information.  Setting up an account is easy.  Just download the app from the App or Android store and create the account on the device.  Then visit the link they email you and apply to receive your free card reader.  They do a credit check on you to make sure it’s “you.”  Once that’s done, you can start accepting cash transactions right away.  A big plus is that if the person buying something from you is a square member, it can do a photo verification of the buyer so you really know it’s “them.”

Here is another promo video basically showing how SquareUp can help your business or personal use.

Finally, us individuals can take credit card payments easily and efficiently.  I plan on using mine for my hobby business.  How will you use yours?

You can follow SquareUp on here on Twitter

Here is their YouTube Channel

And, of course, here is their website.

Oh, the app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is free!


I’m not being paid to promote this product in any way, shape, or form.