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I’m All For Competition – Where Competition Meets Hypocrisy

As the title says, I am all for competition.  Competition is what makes America great.  You can succeed and / or fail.  Most of us, if not everyone, has done both at some point in their lives.  If you succeed, that’s great; If you fail, keep trying or find something else to try.  

Ok, so what’s your point author?

For over a year now, when I wake up, and have checked my twitter feed, I read stories about Apple suing X company or X company suing Apple over various patents. I’m not a fan of pointless lawsuits, but if a company feels that one or more of their patents is in use in other companies products unjustly and the original patent holders are not getting a fair share for their hard work, then by all means, get some compensation. 

I am an Apple fanboy, but what I said applies to Apple too.  If Apple is violating someone else’s patents, then Apple should be held accountable and have to pay compensation.  Period.  That’s how it should work.  And if someone is violating Apple’s patents, then Apple has the right to defend themselves in court and ask for damages.  

I can see just from design that Samsung is violating Apple’s patents left and right, blatantly I might add.  I mean their charging bricks look identical to Apple’s!  That’s just taking an easy design route .  I’m sure there’s a plethora of combinations you can use to design a tablet charger.  

I hear people saying that what Apple is doing within these lawsuits is hurting the competition, stifling it to keep the iPad on top.  Maybe if the competing companies (I’m looking at you Samsung) would innovate instead of imitate, then I wouldn’t have to write a blogpost regarding competition.

I’m sure you can design a tablet with a different hardware design and yet make it functional for people too at the same time.  Google was able to achieve this!  They unveiled their new Nexus 7″ tablet and it doesn’t look anything like the iPad nor does the software interface either.  It looks original, hardware and software.  So if Google can pull it off, so can other companies.  Personally, I don’t like it.  It looks ugly with the large bezels.  

While I’m on the subject of Google, in relation to competition, I have a bone to pick with Google.  

As I said, I’m all for competition, but when does hypocrisy become competition or vice versa?  Let me explain what I mean.  

Google this morning announced a Siri-like competitor.  On multiple occasions, Eric Schmidt, former CEO and current co-advisor to current CEO, Larry Page, is quoted as calling “Siri a threat to competition.”  He testified in a congressional hearing that Siri is a “significant development” and says it is an “entirely new approach to search technology.”

Yes, I agree with him that Siri is a new approach to search technology.  But you’re just scared that Google will become less relied upon among iOS device users.  Yes, Siri does go around google.  When you tell Siri to look up a restaurant review, it doesn’t use Google.  Instead of going straight to Google, it goes straight to the most reliable source, Yelp!.  That makes perfect logical sense.  Siri takes Google out of the middleman position and instead directs your query to the most relevant site out there.  In a technological world, that makes perfect sense.  And by going straight to the relevant source, users won’t have to expend as much data (since data is becoming a precious mobile resource like water is to survival) as they would have if they had to go to google first and then to the relevant website. 

But Mr. Schmidt was at Congress, saying that Siri will hurt competition.  How can it?  Apple took search to a whole new level!  That’s innovation, Mr. Schmidt!  So in other words, Mr. Schmidt, you want to punish Apple for being innovative just so Google can stay the number one search engine in the world?  

So today, Google launched a Siri-like competitor.  Ok Google, is it powered by Nuance, the same people that power Siri?  Does your program understand and extract the key phrases of a sentence or question and pull in the necessary words to perform a specific function?  Is it powered by Google search, taking users straight to Google for answers and then do the end-users have to tap on the relevant answer or issue another voice command, or will it bypass your search engine completely and take your users to Yelp! for restaurant reviews directly?  

So Google called Siri a threat and a few months later, they release their own version of it.  If their Siri-like program takes users straight to Google search or other Google app before taking the user to their desired result, is that innovation?  I guess so, but it’s backwards because Siri takes users straight to their relevant answer right away bypassing search.  If Google’s Siri-like app takes users straight to the relevant source like Siri does for iOS users, then that’s straight up imitation.  Schmidt’s testimony at Congress should be repealed at this point since they developed something to compete with Apple, when they said that it would hurt competition.  

Schmidt should not have said that it is a threat to competition, but rather have just let it be and developed your own app or program.  The way he used Congress makes it look like a huge publicity circus.  Our government has more important things to worry about rather than turning the congressional house floor into a place of clowning around.  

Google, make your app, but know this…by making your Siri competitive app, you can no longer call Siri a threat to competition.  You’ve lost that right.  

And Samsung, hire some people who are creative and who will innovate for you rather than imitate other produces.  I’m sure you can produce great things with the right people in your company.  

What do you think?  Agree?  Disagree?  Do you feel like enough is a enough with the lawsuits?  Do you believe that if a company feels wrongly violated with a patent misuse, it should be able to defend itself?  What about Google?  Do you feel like they are hypocrites for launching their own Siri competitor when they called that new search method a threat?  

Please feel free to post intelligent comments.  I also invite my readers to do your own research and formulate your own opinions.  I hope I was able to spur some thought for you as you read this.  Let’s all be well informed readers.  

What I’ve Been Up To

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Good afternoon everyone!

You’ve all been wondering what I’ve been up to these several months where I’ve been absent from blogging.  The truth is…I haven’t had much time to sit down and write.  Sure, I could have started something and then saved as a draft and keep adding as time progressed.  However, if I were to do that, I would have a novel on my hands because I’d have so much to say.  It wouldn’t be broken down and I’d have no viewers.  Not many people want to sit down and read a blogger’s novel.  🙂

So here’s a semi-nutshell story of my life so far over the past 9 months.

As many of you know, I was living in South Bend, IN for a couple years while my cousin was in school. We had a lot of fun together…and we hope to live together again sometime in the future.

Back in April of 2011, I took a job at my dad’s vet clinic as the IT guy.  I thought it would be a routine job of walking around the clinic and fixing computers.  Boy was I wrong!  In June, 2011, I found out we were going to do a massive computer software upgrade and change over from one veterinary management software to another!  The jump was so big, I’d compare it to jumping from MS-DOS to Windows 7!  Yeah, it was crazy!  We began implementation in August, the same day I moved out of my apartment in South Bend (yeah that was super crazy, driving to GR from SB only to go back to SB a couple hours later to finish moving out so we won’t get fined).  I found myself getting more busy each day.  We had a lot of preparation.  I found myself taking over most of the jobs our offsite IT people were doing which brought me to the role of IT director as well as director of Marketing.  We had a private training session with the top 5 key employee on the new software system back in September.  At the end of October, we went live with everything.  Our clinic is now totally state-of-the-art with digital lab equipment, digital X-Ray computer system, digital whiteboard, etc.

Now that the dust has settled and the employees are getting accustomed to the system, I now have time to work on some other things / projects.

I’ve been going up to our cottage more frequently this year (and last fall, winter) to chill up there and relax.  Although with new systems at the clinic means that I need to be reachable for computer emergencies and spontaneous updates.  And that’s why I’m glad I have AT&T cell service.  It’s the only provider that gets decent coverage at my cottage.  And with 3G data on the way in the next month or so, in addition to a higher tower, service will greatly improve for us!

I’m getting back into writing again.  I normally write fan fictions, but I’m looking at writing an actual novel with original characters and plots.  I’m mapping it out right now.  If all goes well, I’m going to see if I can get it published.

I’m getting back into photography.  I bought a new digital camera, which I really love.  I’ve been taking lots of pictures with it and having a lot of fun with the hobby.  But I also love taking pictures with my iPhone and uploading them to Instagram.  You can see a portfolio of sorts on my DeviantArt photography folder if you’d like to see what my interests are.  
I’ve been uploading a lot of videos I take on YouTube.  You can head over to my channel and check it out as well.  

I’m getting back into website creation / design again.  MobileMe (now iCloud) is shutting down its web hosting services next month.  I have been using iWeb to create my websites.  Since I learned about the switch to iCloud about a year ago and that certain services were being discontinued, I stopped publishing / updating my website.  I almost gave up on website creation all together at that point as well.  Then a couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon RapidWeaver.  Now, I’ve used it before, but I found it intimidating and a little more difficult to use than iWeb.  But with iWeb (probably) on its way out of the iLife suite, and MobileMe hosting being shutdown, I figured it was time to make a transition.  I removed all remnants of my old website from MobileMe, I downloaded RapidWeaver, and then I began searching for hosting.  It didn’t take me too long to find good hosting.  Javabeanhosting is my host now for my new RapidWeaver website.  If anyone reading this is using RapidWeaver and wants a host that supports RapidWeaver and is compatible with most, if not all RapidWeaver plugins, check it out here.  Gregg, the founder, is very active on Twitter and Skype and makes himself readily available should you have questions.  Here’s his Twitter Page.  My new and improved website is now live for the masses.  This blog is directly tied into the website, even though it is hosted at Blogger.  You can check out my website here.  If you have any feedback on my website or would like to get in touch with me, feel free to use the Contact Form on my site to get in touch with me.  I will be making updates to the site as time progresses, so please keep coming back!

Just a side note, an FYI, I used to run this blog over on under the old URL  I have deleted that blog and migrated everything over to Blogger.  The reason behind leaving WordPress is that it would have been extremely difficult to move a blog to my website and keeping it inline with my website theme using WordPress.  Plus, I wanted to synchronize my WordPress blog with my website.  Well that’s not possible with WordPress and RapidWeaver currently.  That’s why I moved to Blogger.  RapidWeaver has an awesome 3rd party plugin called RapidBlog, which allows me to blog from my website directly in RapidWeaver, plus synchronize the content / posts directly from blogger to RapidWeaver and my website and vice versa!  Very handy tool!  It (not the RapidWeaver plugin, but Blogger) also allows me to blog from my iPad and iPhone as well, which will come in handy at times when I travel without my computer.  I know you can do mobile blogging with WordPress, but again, I wanted blog synchronization on my blogsite and well as my website.

Well I think that just about sums up what I’ve been up to these past several months.  Feel free to check out these links and feel free to leave a comment as well!  It feels good to be back in the blogging community again. 🙂