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Northern Michigan Wine Tasting

Last night, I attended my first official wine tasting event help at a place called Bayside Dining on Drummond Island, MI.  I’m normally not a foodie nor am I a wine snob.  But I thought I’d share with you what kind of food to expect at a fine dining experience in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  

Everything was just perfect.  The atmosphere, setting, mother nature in all its glory in the background, a perfect evening.  

To top that off, you had awesome company, food, and beverages to match.  

The food & drink theme was “A Touch of The Deep South.”  

Our first course was frog legs.  I love frog legs.  It was very delicious.  And the wine paring was perfect.  Trignon Roussane, a honey & elegant white wine.  

I apologize for the half eaten frog leg in this picture.  I thought I snapped a picture with my camera before hand, but apparently I didn’t.  

IMG 3199

IMG 3198

Next up was the No-Bite Snapper Turtle soup!  Delicious!  But it is very spicy!  If you have any allergies to pepper, stay away from this soup!  The wine paring was a Sacromonte red wine, a floral and spiced wine.  Only 100 cases were brought into the United States!  So I felt very fortunate to have a sample of this wine!

IMG 3201

IMG 3200

The third course was a Blueberry Sorbet to cleanse the palate.  It had a sour flavoring, but also sweet.  A true journey for your taste buds!  No wine for this part.  

IMG 3202

Fourth course was a Southern Salad with grilled prawns!  Very delicious!  No fishy taste at all!  Grilled to perfection as well!  Wine paring was a Lola Kay white wine, a peach and honeydew flavor!  A fabulous paring!  

IMG 3204

IMG 3203

Our last course was a Roasted duck leg and thigh confit!  I haven’t had duck in a while so I was very happy to have it again.  Also cooked very well!  The roasted pecans really brought out the flavor of the duck!  The wine further enhanced it.  The wine was a Haywood Zinfandel, a red wine!  I never had a red zin before, so I was intrigued.  Sadly, the picture didn’t turn out very well for this wine.  My apologies.  

IMG 3206

And to finish off an fantastic meal, you gotta have a good southern dessert, right?  Well we had one and it was delicious!  A peach Streusel!  Very delicious.  It’s kind of like a strudel but in a mini pie form, almost like a tart.  And the dessert wine of choice…a Lodali Moscato, a sparking wine!  I love sparkling wines!  It was a fruity wine.  Most wine people don’t’ go for the sparkling, but I love sparkling wine!  I’ll be buying a bottle of this wine for sure! 

IMG 3208

IMG 3207

Well I hope you enjoyed my food journey.  As I said, I’m normally not a foodie or wine snob, but I thought I’d share this with you just in case you’re ever interested in attending a wine tasting.  They are a lot of fun and you can meet some very interesting people.  

Now wipe that drool off your keyboard and / or screen and go find a wine tasting near you, especially if you’d like to get into wines.  

Feel free to leave a comment and / or ask a question and I’ll reply as soon as possible.  

Happy tasting!  

What Deer Hunting Is Really About

Good evening everyone!  Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall we have.

I have many traditions I like to do in the fall such as Thanksgiving with the family, going to apple orchards, drinking lots and lots of apple cider, eating lots of pumpkin & apple pies, and, of course, deer hunting.

Yeah, I know, I’m probably going to get spammed with comments like, “you’re evil for hunting,” etc, etc.  I’ve heard it all before so don’t waste your broadband bandwidth telling me those things.

I’m going to try my best to explain deer hunting and what it really means to me.

Yes, it is about spotting that perfect buck and killing it for it’s meat.  Venison is a fantastic meat and it cooks really nicely.  It’s a lean meat too, so it’s better for you than that from cows.  We usually have it made into Summer Sausage, steak, or even jerky!

But it goes beyond that.  There are other aspects to deer hunting that I really enjoy the most.  First off, there’s good male bonding time.

When I go hunting, I go with my dad.  He’s an expert when it comes to the wildlife around and knows how to find it.  But there is something about sitting in the woods, just watching the woods, waiting for that buck to cross your line of fire, listening to the wildlife around you, and just enjoying being around someone else who also enjoys the same things you do.

My dad told me that we might not see any deer this year (due to the, I presume, poor deer control management up on the island), but that’s ok.  Just heading out into the the woods at 6 AM is something in itself to enjoy.  Then we’ll watch the woods light up as the sun rises and listen to the woods calm down after the morning breeze.  Then we’ll head on out around 9 or 10 AM and catch up on sleep.  Then we’ll head out again later in the day and see what comes our way.

My dad and I will be sitting out there, in our deer blinds, in silence, listening for the deer to head our way.  While we wait, we’ll probably have some quiet small talk or we’ll be messing around with our iPhone 4’s (Thank you Apple for bluetooth multiplayer gaming capabilities).

If you like hunting or you really enjoy nature, I encourage all of you to try deer hunting.  Or, if that’s not your thing, get (or borrow) a deer blind and just go out and sit in the woods.  You don’t need a gun to enjoy nature and everything around you.

If you do go out and hunt, be safe and responsible.

Enjoy the season everyone!

Vacation Time – Away From Crazy Life

Hello everyone! If any college students are on spring break, I hope you are enjoying it. For those not on break yet, I hope your time comes soon.

I’ve been enjoying my break a lot. It started off with a relaxing weekend at my apartment. We didn’t do too much other than watch movies, Simpsons, and the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. It was fun just to relax and hang out.

Monday, I went to my cousin’s house and stayed there for a couple days. We had to take his car into the shop for repairs. More on that later. We hung out with his sister while thier mom (my aunt) worked. We had fun watching Looney Tunes via Netflix streaming. (I’m hoping to see it in iPhones and iPads).  We just stayed at home and relaxed, which is always good especially if your life is hectic and chaotic.

Thursday, my aunt took us to my parent’s house and we began our trip up to my cottage with a stop off at La Señorita, a fantastic mexican restaurant if you are journeying in Northern Michigan.  After the long journey, we were finally able to continue relaxing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to just relax and not worry about the rest of the world.  And even when you are here in Michigan, especially in the wilderness, you are able to escape the rest of the world.  Sure, I have internet here and satellite TV, but I get to spend time with my family and just hang out with them.

We did get an update on my cousin’s car.  There is a transmission fluid leak somewhere and they are trying to fix it.  Let’s hope that’s the only problem and a new transmission, or a new car, won’t be necessary.

We’ll be making our long Journey back home on Sunday.  I just need to remember to make sure I grab some more bed padding since my aerobed popped last week.  That’s another blog rant for another time.

I hope you all have a refreshing weekend.  Take it easy and I’ll blog some more when I have more time on my hands.  🙂