Using an iPad

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice day :).

Today, I’m blogging from my mom’s iPad. It’s pretty cool! It works really well. I really like the touch keyboard on this thing. I have really big fingers so this makes blogging a pleasure! I’m impressed with all the cool apps you can get for it. I have iStudiez, weather bug, SoundHound, iTeleport, etc. All work great on my iPhone and my mom’s iPad.

My one complaint is that I’m coming from an iPhone 4 to an iPad. As you know, the iPhone 4 has a retina display so things look really sharp on it. But after looking at my iPhone for a while really makes the iPad display look really blurry. I can barely stand it. Buttons, pictures, and text all look really blurry to me. Yes mom, I am wearing my glasses. ūüėČ

Overall, the iPad is great. But I think I’ll wait until the new iPad displays come out sometime soon i hope.

T-Mobile To Get iPhone? Doubtful

Will T-Mobile be acquiring the iPhone later this year? ¬†I really don’t think so.

Good afternoon everyone. ¬†Hope you all are having a nice day. ūüôā

About a week and a half ago, I blogged about how Verizon wouldn’t be getting the iPhone anytime soon. Well I’m back to discuss a new rumor floating around the Tweetverse and the web.

If you’re an avid iPhone news junkie, I’m sure you heard the rumors of T-Mobile getting the iPhone later this year. ¬†Rumor departments are all over this one just like they are about a Verizon iPhone. ¬†Why? ¬†Why are people even speculating this? ¬†I guess there’s a lot of people who really don’t like AT&T. ¬†I do like them, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some competition between the carriers over the iPhone.

T-Mobile is a German based company. ¬†So? ¬†What does that have to do with anything? ¬†That’s just it. ¬†It’s a German based company. ¬†They are not a US company. ¬†What I’m saying is that T-Mobile doesn’t have the coverage footprint of other US companies like AT&T or Verizon. ¬†Look at their coverage map, sure, their voice network is comparable to AT&T’s voice network, but look at their data coverage. ¬†You ROAM most of the time on their data network. ¬†You’re pretty much safe in large cities but once you leave the large cities or go out west, you’re going to be roaming.

Unlike a Verizon iPhone and what I was explaining in my Verizon iPhone blog entry, making a iPhone work on T-Mobile wouldn’t be that hard because the necessary hardware for the phone to operate is already in the iPhones Apple makes. ¬†T-Mobile uses GSM, the global standard for mobile communications. ¬†So from a hardware standpoint, T-Mobile is all set to acquire the iPhone. ¬†But there is one more [big] hurdle to leap over.

Ah yes, how can we all forget about THE EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT? ¬†Well it looks like the rumor department staff blew this one. ¬†AT&T is STILL the exclusive iPhone contract holder for another two years. ¬†2 YEARS PEOPLE! ¬†Had this rumor come out a year later, then I might buy it a little bit more. ¬†Why don’t you retweet that rumor in another year. ¬†Oh, and change the possible release date too while you’re at it. ¬†Make sure it coincides with a 2012 release date ;).

However, at least this rumor is a bit more plausible than a Verizon iPhone because at least Apple wouldn’t have to change the hardware inside the phone. ¬†But remember, 2012 is the magic number for ANY future iPhone being released on another carrier in the US.

Will T-Mobile get the iPhone?  It is possible, but not for another two years.

Would you all like to see the iPhone come to T-Mobile?  Sprint?  Verizon?  How about an iPhone with Nextel direct connect?  Ewwww to the latter in my opinion.  But feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

What’s Up With Facebook Mobile iPhone App?

Good evening everyone. ¬†ūüôā

A couple years ago, when iPhone OS 2.0 came out, one of the first Apps that I got was the Facebook app. ¬†Great right? ¬†Well, since then, it’s had a rocky life.

When the Facebook App was release, it was a great app overall.  It was lacking in many areas, but it was a great start at least.

When iPhone OS 3.0 came out last year, there were some difficulties with the app. ¬†As soon as iPhone OS 3.0 came out, the Mobile Developer left the project and passed it on to someone else; someone else with more time to update the app and so on. ¬†I’m thinking, “Great! ¬†This could be good.” ¬†And it has been for the most part.

Now this year, under a new developer, with iOS 4.o out in the wild now and a new iPhone out as well, there seems to me more problems.  I just checked the iTunes reviews and lots of people are complaining about the app crashing all the time.  Funny thing is as soon as I opened up the Facebook app, I was greeted with my home screan.  Huh, I though.

I tried the usual tricks, uninstalling and reinstalling; Failed.  Soft reset, hard reset, nothing worked.  So I submitted my own iTunes review of the app.

Seems that the problems lies with the iPhone 4 specifically. ¬†I hope they push out a fix soon because it’s driving me nuts.

Let’s see what happens in the next few days.

Have you been having problems with the Facebook iPhone app? ¬†Did you write your own review for it in iTunes? ¬†Please feel free to comment. ūüôā

iPhone WILL NOT come to Verizon anytime soon

Good afternoon all. Hope you’re all having a great day or evening.

I love (note sarcasm) waking up in the morning and seeing the following in my Twitter Timeline, “The iPhone coming to Verizon,” “Verizon to get the iPhone,” “[insert news agency or person(s) name here] says iPhone to Verizon launch soon.”

You get the idea. Has it happened yet? No. Why? Let me list it out for you here.

1st. We have to go back 4 years ago before the iPhone was released. Apple actually approached Verizon first about the iPhone. They said no. Now we can all speculate as to why they said no. My theory is that Verizon didn’t want to take the gamble on the iPhone because they wouldn’t get any say in the phone software and what’s on the phone; something Verizon desires to have; complete control over the phone. As Steve Jobs said at the D8 Conference this year, “No one has done anything like this before. We were the the first to tell the carrier, you worry about the network and we’ll worry about the phone.” I don’t think Verizon was ready to take on that risk. And that’s their loss. Lick your wounds and move on. Don’t hate for your mistake Verizon.

2nd. Have you seen how small and slim the iPhone 4 is? Have you seen interior pictures? It’s filled to the brim! You couldn’t fit anything else inside. Now take a look at the CDMA modems. They’re bulky and huge. There’s no way you could fit a CDMA modem into an iPhone 4 without redesigning the whole phone. Now, there’s a company overseas working on a GSM CDMA hybrid modem that would allow Apple to design one phone and then you, the consumer, choose which carrier to use. Now that’s a great idea! I support that idea. However, that hybrid modem is still too big for past and present iPhone designs. If that company can find a way to slim the modem down, then maybe you’d see it appearing in future iDevice hardware. But there’s still a couple problems here.

3rd. Speaking of CDMA and GSM, let me explain what those are. GSM and CDMA are wireless protocols. It’s the method of how a cell phone communicates with the tower and network for voice and data. CDMA is an archaic network that’s only used in the US, Mexico, Canada, and a few European countries. That’s it. It is not a big standard. That’s the standard Verizon uses. GSM, which is the Global Standard for Mobile communications, is the protocol AT&T and T-Mobile use in the US. GSM is the largest standard around for mobile communications. It made sense for Apple to choose AT&T because it allowed Apple to sell their iDevices all over the world versus a select few. Also, something else you need to know about about these protocols, CDMA, in its current form has limitations. For example, if you want to send a picture to the person you’re on the phone with, good luck. It won’t happen. If I want to send a pic to my friend whose on Verizon, she needs to get off the phone to receive the picture. On GSM, specifically HSPDA (AT&T’s 3G), I can send and receive MMSs while I’m on the phone. You can’t do that on Verizon’s vast 3G network. Same goes for Internet usage. On Verizon, you can’t talk and surf the web at the same time. Now for some people, that may not be a big deal. But to me, and a lot of other people I know, that’s a big deal. Oh, for you Droid users, having Android OS makes more sense to be on AT&T. I played with 2 Android phones at an AT&T store and was very happy that I could be on the phone and load a web page at the same time. But there is one more issue here and it has nothing to do with networks and phone models. Can you take a guess?

4th. You’ll have to think way back to when the iPhone was first announced back at MacWorld 2007. Do you remember now? Steve mentioned it just after announcing the “exclusive” carrier for the US. Oh you remember know don’t you? That’s right, AT&T is the EXCLUSIVE CARRIER FOR THE IPHONE IN THE USA! Apple and AT&T have a 5 year exclusive contract with each other. At this time, there are 2 years to go yet. You don’t want Apple or AT&T getting in trouble, do you? I know there’s a nationwide class-action lawsuit going on right now because AT&T has a “monopoly” on the iPhone, according to the plaintiff lawyers. If the courts decide to rule otherwise, I’ll support their decision.

To conclude, I’m happy the iPhone is on AT&T. I can take my phone pretty much everywhere and it works. I have had better coverage and better Customer Service with AT&T than with any other carrier I’ve been on.

If the chip manufacturer whose making the hybrid chip can make it small enough to fit in the iPhone and Apple decides, after the exclusive contract with AT&T ends, to develop an iPhone to work on all carriers, then I’ll welcome it because, contrary to what the Obama administration wants, it encourages competition, thus capitalism at it’s finest! GASP!

What is your take on all of this? How do you feel about AT&T’s exclusive agreement with Apple? Are you satisfied with AT&T and its many aspects? I welcome your opinions and feedback. If you comment, please be intelligent. I’ll only approve intelligent comments.

***NOTE*** the picture was made using Brushes iPhone app; picture is copyrighted by me. Use with permission only.

Hey everyone! Have you had problems with services such as TwitterFeed or any others?

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Do you have Are you having problems with other services? Feel free to comment.

AT&T Canada Roaming is outrageous

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been enjoying a nice long vacation. I was one of the lucky ones to get an iPhone 4 on launch day. So I’ve been having a blast with it while in the upper peninsula.

My family’s cottage is near the Canadian border. While we were attending the annual 4th of July parade, I received the following text message from AT&T:

Domestic Data plan does not apply in this location. You’ll be charged $15.36/MB

To make sure I was safe, I contacted AT&T and told them about the text. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be charged for data and text messages I didn’t even use. They assured me that there would be no charges. And as far as I can tell, they’re right. But wow!!! That’s really expensive. I suggest if any of you have an iPhone or a data plan with AT&T, check this website out:

Traveling Tips for iPhone Users

Blog courtesy of iPhone Download Blog, article by Sebastian.

On another note, I know lots and lots of people have been having reception problems with the iPhone 4.

Yes, I notice if I’m holding my phone in the lower left corner, I do lose service. But, in terms of the other iPhones I’ve had, the iPhone 4 has the best reception ever!

I’ve been in some deep backwoods for the last couple days and I had service in places where other iPhones didn’t work at all. I even did a side-by-side comparison and found my iPhone 4 had service 60% more of the time than my dad’s original iPhone and about 30-40% more than my 3GS.

My solution, I’m just careful how I hold my iPhone.

How about you? Do you find AT&T’s international data charges outrageous? How about reception issues? Having any issues there? Feel free to comment.