Melanoma Awareness Month – May

Hey guys!

So yesterday in my VLOG, I told you that my sister had melanoma & that she beat it. I also mentioned that she was going to be interviewed via radio & a printed article. The article just went live and, as promised, here’s the link.

Scared Of Skin Cancer? Get Yourself Checked!

The radio interview is scheduled for Monday, May 4th, 2015 at 10:30 AM EST on 96.5 FM – The Pledge & 1260 AM. These are Grand Rapids, MI area stations.

Please get yourself checked. If you have melanoma and don’t get it check, it can lead to very serious complications or worse. Just using a tanning bed once can be a life game-changer. Be aware. Always check your body for new moles and if you have moles, get them checked out.

Have a good afternoon guys!


Tech Rant

Hey guys. So I tried making my first actual VLOG today and I didn’t have the best luck. I lost the last 5-7 minutes of my video. I have absolutely no clue what happened to that footage, but I am sad that it was lost. It’s very ironic I’m talking about technology & bugs…and then this happens. LOL! Oh well, all I can do is laugh about it.

Anyway, I will try to explain, in words, the last 5-7 minutes of my video below & I will embed the video below as well.


As I was going to say, my phone works very well after the iOS 8.3 update. It’s been an enjoyable experience. But this is what usually happens when new OS’s or products come out…you have to be patient becuase it will be buggy. It’s true with every tech product or OS release. For example, I started using iCloud Photo Library a couple days ago. Actually, I started using it a little over a month ago when I was beta testing 10.10.3 but I ran into a huge problem with it so I turned it off and deleted the photos from the cloud. I waited the 30 days to make sure that iCloud Photo Library would be completely clear. So a couple days ago, I re-enabled iCloud Photo Library again and when I did that, all of my picture that were in the cloud…were still there even though the slate was clean. Maybe it was a cache thing, I don’t know. But after the process had been completed, I noticed that albums that I had merged or removed in the photos app were still visible in the cloud! I don’t know why the changes didn’t take. So I disabled iCloud Photo Library and re-enabled it again. I’m still waiting to see what happens, but so far it does look promising. I’m seeing new images showing up that weren’t in the cloud previously.

And the last part of my video talked about Android. I’m just not a big Android fan. The interface doens’t make logical sense to me. I used my friends Android device (Sorry, I don’t remember the model or Android version) and I wanted to open the calendar app. It was burried under 3 different menus. I found that to be very annoying. Whereas on iOS, the calendar app was right on the first home screen. All the apps you would want to access are right there on the home screen right out of the box. Now I know you could “move” the app to a home screen on an Android device, but just like I was saying about getting a PC and getting it configured the way I want, it takes a lot of time to get it setup the way I’d want it. However, I do have to praise Android for being open & that anyone can develop for Android. However, there are trade-offs with that. You have more security risks (malware) & app fragmentation when you’re open. When you’re closed, you have to follow the company’s rules & only use their published / public APIs for your apps. But you’re more secured.

Anyway, that’s all there was on the last 5-7 minutes of video. Hopefully I don’t run into more tech problems when I try to VLOG…

Feel free to leave a comment down below about the video or leave a question.

And here’s the video:


***PS*** My apologies for being scatter brained. I have ADD & I can get distracted easily. Also, as I know someone will point out, I realize Macs are PCs too. PC = personal computer. I should’ve said Windows Machines when I was talking about Windows or Microsoft.***


Good evening!

I’m really sorry that I haven’t kept up on the blog as of late.

Life & work have been crazy busy right now.

What I would love to do is start blogging again and take it more seriously.

I have debated just closing the blog & my website as I have lost time. But I think I can get back into it. All it takes is personal motivation & some refocusing & better time management.

So over the next week, I’m going to try some new things & see how it goes.

Wish me luck and have a good weekend everyone 🙂