Dominican Republic Palm Tree – Photo by Zach Bennett

Hello and welcome to my NEW & IMPROVED Site!  I have decided to start over from scratch. The old site was made using RapidWeaver and I have decided to switch to WordPress for my website as I think it’ll be easier to maintain and make additions in the future. Please stand by while changes are made over the next several months as content gets fine-tuned.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to future updates!

You may have wondered “Where did LittlePoopMachine come from?” Well to answer your question, it came from a Simpsons episode, S13E22 to be precise. Homer calls Maggie the little poop machine during the episode.

This website started in 2005-06 when I first launched it to rate BBQ ribs and show my Simpsons collection. And while the the rib portion of the site is gone, I’ve kept the Simpsons collection portion of the site up and running for the most part.

Sadly I let the site lapse over time due to busy schedules and some moving, but I hope to bring the site up to date and resume its former glory.

Currently the Ham Radio, Simpsons, Music, and parts of the Comics & Gaming pages are online. The forums are online as well. Feel free to read the blog to see what I’m up to these days.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the site.

Listening to NOAA Satellite Transmissions