iPad Impressions (Reposted)

Hi Everyone!  I’m reposting this because I’m testing WordPress.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!  Thank you for tuning in. 🙂  As most of the tech world settles down from all the iPad excitement, I thought I’d share my impressions of the iPad.  I’m very pleased with some things about it and others…well…maybe in the next iPad revision.

First off: The hardware.  I’m very excited to see what Apple’s new A4 chip powering the GPU/CPU will do and will we see it in the next iPhone?  I’m not that much of a chip expert, but Apple I’m sure will prevail with this chip.  Apple has also allowed background customizations of the home screens.  While I’m mostly indifferent, it is nice to see a picture in the background instead of a boring black screen.

Speaking of screens, how about that 9.7” LED screen?  It’s sharp and very crisp in color.  Sure, it’s not OLED but maybe we’ll see it in the next revision.

What matters most to me is connectivity.  I’m very glad to see you can add a 3G modem into the iPad.  I spend a lot of time traveling and can spend up to six hours in a car.  It would be nice to be able to check emails while on the go.  Some people might ask me, “But you have an iPhone, why not just use that to check your email?”  Simple answer: Larger screen.  The onscreen keyboard is twice the size of the iPhone’s keyboard and I have big fingers so it would make composing longer emails much easier.  Also, I have a visual impairment.  I would like to see my emails on a larger screen than on my iPhone.  Oh before I forget to mention, the iPad 3G+WiFi model not only supports 850/900/2100 HSDPA 3G connectivity but also possess GSM/EDGE 800/9001800/1900 MHz connectivity as well!  I didn’t realize this at first until browsing the Tech Specs for the iPad on Apple’s website.

I’m also happy to see the iPad unlocked, but happy that it is compatible with AT&T.  I know many iPhone users were hoping for a Verizon iPhone this year, but AT&T has treated me very well over the past two and a half years and I see no reason to switch to another provider.

The design is typical Apple:  Sleek without intruding buttons to get in the way of your iPad experience.  The ease of use of the Safari web browser, switching to and from portrait-landscape orientations and vice versa are seamless and close to flawless.

I may sound like an Apple/AT&T fanboy but I already have some improvements for the iPad.

First and foremost: Multitasking.  This is something I would really love to have without jailbreaking my iDevices.  I even have some ideas of how to implement some basic multitasking features like being able to respond to a SMS message without leaving any apps that you’re in.  I’ll share those ideas in another entry later.  I wouldn’t mind being able to use WunderRadio while I’m in Beejive either.

Where’s the camera?  It’s not there.  The camera is not a big deal for me nor is it a deal breaker, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a camera implemented in the next revision.

I think Apple is on the right track with the iPad and it could easily be a supplemental project to a laptop or smartphone, but like anything new, there will need to be a lot of work put into the next revision.  As Apple has demonstrated though, we will see a mature product in due time.  We, as consumers, need to exercise patience.  It will get better.  🙂

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