Offline Blogging Editors – FAIL!

The Surrender Flag

Hello everyone.  I hope you are all having a wonder afternoon as you are now relaxing at home after work.  🙂

Anyway, I was trying out some different offline blogging editors for the Mac OS X platform and…wow!  I can’t figure out how they work.  I was trying out Ecto, a mac only offline editing client, but for some odd reason it wouldn’t publish the body of the post!  It’s so confusing!

I’ve tried five different times to get this to work and it ends with the white flag.  But if I need to do any offline blogging, I’ll just use iWork’s Pages to draft my blog entries and upload them when I’m back online.  I can also use the iPhone app as well.  🙂

Do you have an offline editor that’s easy to use and figure out?  Please comment if you do.  🙂

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