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Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you all had an awesome weekend.

I had an awesome vacation/holiday with my awesome family!  I wasn’t able to see my sister, but I’ll get to see her in a couple weeks :).

Anyway, let’s get down to business.

First off, I love MobileMe.  It is a great service especially if you travel a lot and want access to a virtual USB thumb drive, if you desire to screen share back to your home iMac, or if, God forbid, you lose your iPhone.  But there is one thing that bothers me about the MobileMe service.

As many of you know by now, I used to blog using MobileMe.  I designed and maintained my own blogging site, which was a lot of fun.  I was able to customize the color scheme, add or remove pictures, youtube videos, etc.  But there was one draw back.  A lot of places would block access to the MobileMe service.  For example, I like to blog at Bethel College.  Unfortunately, Bethel College blocks access to some of the MobileMe services.  I am able to screen share to my MacBook Pro at home and access the files on that computer remotely, but I cannot access my iDisk nor am I able to update my former blog.  I was also unable to upload podcasts as well :(.  I also had the same problems at Calvin College.  However, I was able to find a work around, but it just added a lot of hassle and headaches to the situation.

Another draw back to the MobileMe service is that you cannot make the blogs look and feel streamlined on a mobile device.  So if you wanted to view my former blog on an iPhone, you had to view the whole website.  Luckily on my site, there isn’t a lot of data to load so it was able to load fast for the most part.  But I really wanted to have a website that had a mobile theme to it so it would look not only pleasant on a mobile device but also load quickly and save time on loading, especially for people without unlimited data plans.

Now that I’ve switched to WordPress, I’ve found a happy medium.  I am able to access the website from anywhere on my MacBook Air.  They even have an iPhone application so I can blog straight from my iPhone.  MobileMe does not have this functionality at all, but I hope one day it will.  I’ve also found a great Offline editor for my computers, if I’m away from a WiFi connection.

If the MobileMe blogging feature via iWeb were to gain support for mobile themed views and able to create/edit from the iPhone, I would think about switching back to MobileMe for blogging.  But for now, I am totally content with what I have and it works really well for my situation.  No more headaches!  🙂

What do you think about iWeb’s functionality for blogging?  Do you wish to see improvements for blogging via iWeb?  Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions :).

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