12 Things God Hates About Church – A New GCC Series

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As some of you know, I am a Christian…I do take faith seriously but I’m not one of those Christians who judges people. Anyway, since I’ve been away from my hometown for over a year now, I’ve been looking for a church. I found an awesome church called GCC. I have written up a nice little blog entry about it here.

Last Sunday, I was granted a special behind-the-scenes tour of the church. It’s really awesome! If you are a nerd/geek and love electronics and computer stuff….or even drama/arts/green screen stuff/video editing, etc then you’d totally love this church. This tour brought out the little kid in me though. :D They have slides going from the top floor to the basement. The slides start up by the sanctuary and end in the basement inside a Sunday School classroom! Now that’s a fun way to make an entrance. LOL.  Here is a video of me going down the slide.

Anyway, their next sermon series is called “12 Things God Hates About Church.” Here’s what’s in the program.

Does God hate Church? Nope, we don’t think so.

But we think there are some things the Church has become, some things that the Church has fostered that are unhealthy, detrimental and downright dangerous to God’s plan for the Church to build community and restore lives.

Let’s get candid and look at this list together to see if it’s really possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

Christian Clubs & Bible Twisters
May 1/2

Lone Rangers, Corrupt Leaders & Hoarders
May 8/9

Mediocrity & Enslavement to Tradition
May 15/16

Isolation, Casual Commitment & Religious Clones
May 22/23

Intolerance & Indifference
May 29/30

I’m very excited about this series and can’t wait for this coming Sunday!  I might even have to write up a blog entry after each sermon since this is a high interest topic for me.

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