T-Mobile To Get iPhone? Doubtful

Will T-Mobile be acquiring the iPhone later this year?  I really don’t think so.

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About a week and a half ago, I blogged about how Verizon wouldn’t be getting the iPhone anytime soon. Well I’m back to discuss a new rumor floating around the Tweetverse and the web.

If you’re an avid iPhone news junkie, I’m sure you heard the rumors of T-Mobile getting the iPhone later this year.  Rumor departments are all over this one just like they are about a Verizon iPhone.  Why?  Why are people even speculating this?  I guess there’s a lot of people who really don’t like AT&T.  I do like them, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some competition between the carriers over the iPhone.

T-Mobile is a German based company.  So?  What does that have to do with anything?  That’s just it.  It’s a German based company.  They are not a US company.  What I’m saying is that T-Mobile doesn’t have the coverage footprint of other US companies like AT&T or Verizon.  Look at their coverage map, sure, their voice network is comparable to AT&T’s voice network, but look at their data coverage.  You ROAM most of the time on their data network.  You’re pretty much safe in large cities but once you leave the large cities or go out west, you’re going to be roaming.

Unlike a Verizon iPhone and what I was explaining in my Verizon iPhone blog entry, making a iPhone work on T-Mobile wouldn’t be that hard because the necessary hardware for the phone to operate is already in the iPhones Apple makes.  T-Mobile uses GSM, the global standard for mobile communications.  So from a hardware standpoint, T-Mobile is all set to acquire the iPhone.  But there is one more [big] hurdle to leap over.

Ah yes, how can we all forget about THE EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT?  Well it looks like the rumor department staff blew this one.  AT&T is STILL the exclusive iPhone contract holder for another two years.  2 YEARS PEOPLE!  Had this rumor come out a year later, then I might buy it a little bit more.  Why don’t you retweet that rumor in another year.  Oh, and change the possible release date too while you’re at it.  Make sure it coincides with a 2012 release date ;).

However, at least this rumor is a bit more plausible than a Verizon iPhone because at least Apple wouldn’t have to change the hardware inside the phone.  But remember, 2012 is the magic number for ANY future iPhone being released on another carrier in the US.

Will T-Mobile get the iPhone?  It is possible, but not for another two years.

Would you all like to see the iPhone come to T-Mobile?  Sprint?  Verizon?  How about an iPhone with Nextel direct connect?  Ewwww to the latter in my opinion.  But feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

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