Review: Apple Bluetooth Keyboard on iOS

Good evening everyone.

Last night, I went Christmas shopping. Of course, my wonderings in the mall let me to the Apple Store to grab some stuff there.

I decided to buy the Apple Wireless keyboard because I blog, tweet, update Facebook, etc a lot using my iPhone 4. As we know, Apple put Bluetooth keyboard connectivity in iOS 4, which was a Godsend for us bloggers.

Now I can actually review the keyboard and share with my readers what my experience has been like.

It is a great keyboard overall. If you own a Mac, this keyboard serves many function and all the functions of the keyboard work wonderfully.

Using the keyboard on an iOS device is a bit different. It pairs with an iPhone 4 flawlessly. The A-Z keys work great! The connection between the two devices is flawless. I was even able to use my Bluetooth headset (during a phone call) and the keyboard at the same time and it worked perfectly. I am very happy with it. Oh, it also supports 3rd party apps that use a keyboard such as BeejiveIM, iStudiez Pro, Twittelator Pro, PingChat, WordPress, Facebook, and a bunch of other apps.

But I think Apple could implement a few things. It would be nice if you could “go home” with one of the function keys. It would be cool if you could use the arrow keys in the photo app to move between pictures.

But these would be great enhancements, but it doesn’t effect the overall use of the keyboard.

Overall Impressions: I really like this keyboard and if you use your iPhone a lot and/or blog a lot, then this is a perfect solution for you.

Have a good night everyone.

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