Bark At The BOB And Police Dogs

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m now working for my dad in his vet clinic.  Working at his clinic has given me many opportunities to meet some really amazing people.  Some of these people I have known prior to my employment there, but now I actually get to see them in their work environment.  

Last month, I attended a special event at The BOB (Big Old Building) located downtown Grand Rapids.  The event was called Bark At The BOB.  It’s an annual event hosted by Mackenzie’s Dog Sanctuary.  

Mackenzies is a wonderful dog shelter / organization.  They are a “no-kill” shelter; they are also one of the largest no kill dog sanctuaries in the USA.  All dogs live out their lives there unless they are adopted.  All the dogs they take in are housed in spacious runs / kennel areas.  The dogs get spacious outdoor areas to roam and play in.  They have several pools for the dogs to play in.  It’s an amazing facility.  They do have adoption days where you can go and tour the facility and go play with the dogs.  I believe you need to setup an appointment to do that.  To learn more about them, click here.  

Last night, I went to an event called the K-9 Cabaret.  It was sponsored by the Western Michigan Human Society.  (They aren’t affiliated with the national human society which I have deep routed issues with).  The event was all about the police dogs!  I’ve seen the police dogs before either in my dad’s clinic or at other events, but it was really cool hearing some of their stories.  



It was a lot of fun getting to see them and socialize with them.  It was fun meeting some very interesting people as well.  

Please support your local police dogs.  They mean a lot to their human counterparts.  They’re not just a working dog, they are also apart of the officer’s family.  

Have you seen a police dog in action?  Have you had a chance to socialize with them?  Feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences.  

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