Northern Michigan Wine Tasting

Last night, I attended my first official wine tasting event help at a place called Bayside Dining on Drummond Island, MI.  I’m normally not a foodie nor am I a wine snob.  But I thought I’d share with you what kind of food to expect at a fine dining experience in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  

Everything was just perfect.  The atmosphere, setting, mother nature in all its glory in the background, a perfect evening.  

To top that off, you had awesome company, food, and beverages to match.  

The food & drink theme was “A Touch of The Deep South.”  

Our first course was frog legs.  I love frog legs.  It was very delicious.  And the wine paring was perfect.  Trignon Roussane, a honey & elegant white wine.  

I apologize for the half eaten frog leg in this picture.  I thought I snapped a picture with my camera before hand, but apparently I didn’t.  

IMG 3199

IMG 3198

Next up was the No-Bite Snapper Turtle soup!  Delicious!  But it is very spicy!  If you have any allergies to pepper, stay away from this soup!  The wine paring was a Sacromonte red wine, a floral and spiced wine.  Only 100 cases were brought into the United States!  So I felt very fortunate to have a sample of this wine!

IMG 3201

IMG 3200

The third course was a Blueberry Sorbet to cleanse the palate.  It had a sour flavoring, but also sweet.  A true journey for your taste buds!  No wine for this part.  

IMG 3202

Fourth course was a Southern Salad with grilled prawns!  Very delicious!  No fishy taste at all!  Grilled to perfection as well!  Wine paring was a Lola Kay white wine, a peach and honeydew flavor!  A fabulous paring!  

IMG 3204

IMG 3203

Our last course was a Roasted duck leg and thigh confit!  I haven’t had duck in a while so I was very happy to have it again.  Also cooked very well!  The roasted pecans really brought out the flavor of the duck!  The wine further enhanced it.  The wine was a Haywood Zinfandel, a red wine!  I never had a red zin before, so I was intrigued.  Sadly, the picture didn’t turn out very well for this wine.  My apologies.  

IMG 3206

And to finish off an fantastic meal, you gotta have a good southern dessert, right?  Well we had one and it was delicious!  A peach Streusel!  Very delicious.  It’s kind of like a strudel but in a mini pie form, almost like a tart.  And the dessert wine of choice…a Lodali Moscato, a sparking wine!  I love sparkling wines!  It was a fruity wine.  Most wine people don’t’ go for the sparkling, but I love sparkling wine!  I’ll be buying a bottle of this wine for sure! 

IMG 3208

IMG 3207

Well I hope you enjoyed my food journey.  As I said, I’m normally not a foodie or wine snob, but I thought I’d share this with you just in case you’re ever interested in attending a wine tasting.  They are a lot of fun and you can meet some very interesting people.  

Now wipe that drool off your keyboard and / or screen and go find a wine tasting near you, especially if you’d like to get into wines.  

Feel free to leave a comment and / or ask a question and I’ll reply as soon as possible.  

Happy tasting!  

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