Xbox One Revealed – First Impressions

No, I wasn’t lucky enough to be at the unveiling in person, but I was fortunate enough to tune into the webcast.

There are some things I’m happy for and some things that have me concerned regarding the console, games, and use.

The new system is called Xbox One.  The new system sounds like it’s going to try to replace existing family room TV components like the Cable / Sat box.  Microsoft wants to transform you family room experience.

At today’s revealing, hardly any games were announced.  The only game news we got was about sporting games.  Those aren’t for me really.  However, Microsoft focused more about the technology today rather than games.  And that’s fine since MS will (I hope) talk more about games at E3.  At least we got to see what the new system looked like (coughSONYcough).  I guess when it comes to unveiling any new tech, I like to see the hardware first.  But that’s just my preference.

We did get to see some interesting behind-the-scenes look at the new COD game titled Ghosts.  The gameplay looks very sweet and real.  The story lines sounds enticing and interesting…keeping gamers tied to their consoles for longer periods of time.

Big news on the Halo front though!  343 Studios is turning the Halo games into a TV series!  It sounds like it’ll only be viewable on Xbox Live and only available for Xbox One owners (Boo).  It will be directed by Steven Spielberg!  (Awesome).

The new system comes with an “always-on” feature which allows you to switch to and from the dashboard & gameplay seamless.  That’s kind of cool.

The games will be installed on the hard drive so you won’t need to insert disks every time you want to play a game.  Hopefully there’s a rather large HDD in there!  You’ll only need to use the disks once and that’s to install the games onto the HDD.  Ok, that’s nice.

I just heard that any Xbox Arcade games purchased on the 360 will NOT be compatible with the new Xbox. I really hope that’s not the case otherwise I’ll be upset.

I also just heard thanks to a reply to one of my tweets that Xbox 360 games will not be playable on the Xbox One.  (Confirmed?)  I really hope that’s not true and it really is backwards compatible.  But knowing Microsoft, like they screwed over tons of original Xbox games, it probably wont be backwards compatible.

And the last thing that was mentioned and is causing to Twitter to blow up is that Microsoft has the ability to detect whether a game has been previously installed on another system.  This sucks because if you want to loan or give a game to friend, they’ll have to pay a fee to install and play the game on the new system.  The same goes for pre-owned games.  If I walk into GameStop and buy a used Xbox One game, I’ll have to pay a fee on top of the used price!  I really don’t like that.  If Microsoft is going to run with that sales model, then some things will probably need to happen to appease the pissed off people on twitter right now.

1. The fee will have to be reasonably small.  Knowing Microsoft, it probably won’t be.


2. The game stores, ie GameStop, will have to lower their used game prices to compensate for the fee.

Something that I’d be ok with is if the used game price INCLUDED the fee.  When I pay for the game at the store or online, the fee for MS would be attached to the final price.  Microsoft could easily confirm that game you just bought for your system by giving the cashier your GamerTag or entering your GamerTag at checkout (online purchase).  My GamerTag is out there for the whole world to see so I don’t care giving it out.  Some people might but this is just a suggestion.

Anyway, that’s all that I really heard about today.  If someone with more knowledge has something to say or add, leave a comment and I’ll go in and edit the post.

What do you think of the Xbox One?  Do you think Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot with this new console or with this new sales model?  Leave your comments.

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Geoffrey Clarke

Microsoft tends to nickel-and-dime people to death with their additional costs, while advertising lower prices on their consoles as compared to other game consoles. I have never liked this business model. I am a consumer who really appreciates having the total cost of ownership given to me UP FRONT. I also like having access to the games I actually WANT, rather than a limited selection.
Maybe the second generation of X-Box One (X-Box Two?) will address many of these issues and employ a better business model, if the company is not bankrupted by this mistake (which I doubt they will…very large and diverse company).

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