Melanoma Awareness Month – May

Hey guys!

So yesterday in my VLOG, I told you that my sister had melanoma & that she beat it. I also mentioned that she was going to be interviewed via radio & a printed article. The article just went live and, as promised, here’s the link.

Scared Of Skin Cancer? Get Yourself Checked!

The radio interview is scheduled for Monday, May 4th, 2015 at 10:30 AM EST on 96.5 FM – The Pledge & 1260 AM. These are Grand Rapids, MI area stations.

Please get yourself checked. If you have melanoma and don’t get it check, it can lead to very serious complications or worse. Just using a tanning bed once can be a life game-changer. Be aware. Always check your body for new moles and if you have moles, get them checked out.

Have a good afternoon guys!


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