Liked on YouTube: Yaya Han – Japan Vlog Part 4! The Fox Village!!

Yaya Han – Japan Vlog Part 4! The Fox Village!!
A once in a lifetime visit to the Kitsune Mura in Miyagi, Japan! I almost lost my mind there! So here is a video blog entirely dedicated to the village of foxes.

Before there are any misunderstandings – this is a staffed facility that houses wild foxes. It is not a zoo, but there are caretakers to breed, feed and look after the animals. The free-roaming space is what makes the Kitsune Mura so unique, and we saw many happy, contend foxes, just napping, burrowing or playing. They are used to humans, and will come and sniff out your bags in hopes for treats, but they are wild and can bite, so enter at your own risk.

I had an amazing time with Svetlana and Benni there, and would recommend a visit to the Kitsune Mura to anyone heading north in Japan.

We arrived just in time for babies to have been born, so we had the chance to watch them get fed, and partake in the VERY BRIEF baby fox holding sessions. Trust me, they were mostly just resting and napping, and had strict 20 minute sessions where visitors could line up and hold a baby for an extra fee.

There are now many articles about the Fox Village, so just google a bit to find out more info on the facility. We took the Yamabiko Shinkansen all the way to ShiroishiZao, and then a taxi directly to the Kitsune Mura. Super crazy worth it, and probably my favorite day in Japan!!!

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