ChilliDogHosting – 2019 Update

It certainly feels like a challenge finding good customer support these days. But I have to give a ton of credit to Greg and the guys over at ChilliDogHosting.

If you’ve seen my homepage recently, then you know I just recently moved from a RapidWeaver website to a WordPress website to simplify my life so I am now able to update not just the blog while on the go but also the site itself. I made this move because I don’t have the time that I used to have to update the website using RapidWeaver. It’s a great program, but it’s just not for me anymore. I love WordPress sites for their professional feel yet still making it your own if you opt for self-hosting services.

During the transition and rebuilding, I ran into a problem not being able to access certain things on the WP Dashboard and a backend feature. I opened a support ticket and within a few hours I heard back from Brian, one of the support guys over at ChilliDogHosting. He was very helpful with the issue at hand. Greg, owner of CDH, came in and also updated me on the situation and without me having to reply to anyone, Greg flipped a switch for me and everything started working! Within a day, I had everything up and running how it used to be but this time powered by a WordPress site.

I know I wrote a post about ChilliDogHosting a few years back, I believe it was in 2012, giving them excellent marks for their helpfulness moving my domain from one company to them as well as some startup support for RapidWeaver. Really helpful.

I stand by that review and highly recommend ChilliDogHosting for your hosting needs. Greg is very helpful and so are the rest of the guys over there. I look forward to working with them again when the time comes.

ChilliDogHosting and all persons mentioned are not paying me nor are they sponsoring me or the content of this post. These are just my thoughts towards this particular hosting service.

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