Implanted Cardiac Defibrillators Can Be Hacked!

I just wanted to share this post real quickly. Earlier tonight, I was going through my email and saw my ARRL Newsletter and came across a disturbing headline.

Flaw Could Permit Hacking of Implanted Devices Newsletter 3/28/19

Seems that implanted cardiac defibrillators have a little WiFi chip in them to allow doctors to change settings. Looks like there’s a major flaw in them and Homeland Security Cybersecurity devision has given it a high level of security risks.

If you know anyone with a implanted defibrillator that was made by a company called Medtronic, inform them of this problem and have them consult their doctor.

Here’s the source article I got my info from! Flaw Could Permit Hacking of Implanted Devices

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