FireRock Grille – Holy YUM!

Now and then I get a chance to discover some good places and have some delicious food. Not only that, but you get great service all around. Tonight was no exception at Firerock Grille located at 7177 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Caledonia, MI 49316.

ControversiALE by Short’s Brewing Company

Atmosphere – Walking in, you’re greeted by waitstaff ready to seat you. Having a reservation is a good idea because you never know if they’ll be busy. We had a reservation for dinner tonight, group of 4, but we could have easily just walked in and gotten a table without waiting. I’m guessing it’s because a lot of people are out of town for spring break so they didn’t seem to busy, but they were steady. Our booth was comfortable for 4 people and the tables and booths were in good shape. The acoustics in there are kind of echo-y but the permanent booth divider/separator really cut down the echo and allowed us to have a decent conversation without feeling the need to shout. But I can imagine on a really busy night that the noise in there would be high and the booth dividers wouldn’t help much if at all. That would be my only criticism with the atmosphere.

Attire – It looked like most people were wearing business casual clothing. This location is part of a country club so I’m sure they get customers in there wearing variety of clothing. I wore a long sleeve flannel shirt with a pair of nice dark jeans and it was fine.

BLT Wedge Salad

Food – Now to everyone’s favorite part, the food! For dinner tonight, a BLT Wedge Salad, 12oz Prime Rib – Med Rare, with a loaded baked potato (See picture above Title), and a Peanut Butter Brownie. My prime was prepared perfectly. Nothing beats a succulent medium rare prime rib. It was one of the best pieces of meat I’ve had in a long while. If you love wedge salads, the BLT Wedge is definitely worth a look at. They don’t skimp on the bacon. And don’t get me started on dessert. If you’re a peanut butter chocolate lover, don’t pass this dessert up. It is sublime. It is large enough to share if your stomach has already hit the breaking point. So don’t be afraid to share it, unless you’re worried someone at your table will snatch it from you.

Service – Our waitress was phenomenal. She was very attentive to our drinks, rolls, as well as getting us more rolls and additional butters and sour cream for our loaded baked potatoes. She also has an interesting backstory being from Lithuania and starting a life here in the US. She shared stories with us about growing up in Lithuania and what it was like learning English once she arrived in the US. It was a delight getting to speak with her. She did a wonderful job taking care of us tonight.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie

Cost – This place is on the pricy side. But I will say this: you do get your money’s worth here. Yes you pay more here than other places but the food and service were on par with the cost at the end of the meal. So I really can’t complain about the cost of this meal experience. Just be aware of that before you make reservations.

Overall – This is a great place. I do highly recommend it. Great food, exceptional service, fair pricing, and a good atmosphere equal a wonderful dining experience. Great for celebrations of any kind, a date night, double date, or just a night out to treat yourself this place is definitely worth checking out.

Until next time, bon appétite.

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Good review, Zachman! I also had a great meal that night.
Thanks for posting!

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