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***DETAILED QSL INFO – I will TRY to remember to upload/download LoTW at the end of the month OR at the beginning of the month. EQSL, QRZ.com, HRDLOG.net, and ClubLog get uploaded automatically once I have completed a SUCCESSFUL QSO. I don’t mind paper QSL cards to hang around the shack area, but I don’t have any paper QSL cards made up at this time. The best way to have a confirmed QSO with me is through one of the above digital methods.***

My uncle, K0WNL, is a General class and has been for a long time. We talked about all the things you could do with Ham Radio back in 1998. That’s when I became re-interested. I started studying for the general exam back in 1991-92, having gotten the WB6NOA General Book from Radio Shack from my uncle. I also got the Technician books as well, just in case. The FCC had just recently dropped the code requirement. I decided to skip Novice since the privileges didn’t seem worth it from what I can remember. Anyway, I finally sat down and studied for the Tech exam and passed this year (2015).

I’ve always been into electronics & electrics. I work in IT, repairing & building computers and writing software for various platforms. So Ham Radio seemed like a natural fit for me. I was always on a CB growing up but got tired of being cursed off the air by angry truckers & other rude people. I also operate on Marine VHF a lot while out boating. I love scanning and would still consider myself a scanner enthusiast & SWL. Yet another reason why I wanted to get into amateur radio. I’ve always been a comms enthusiast.

I am active on GMRS as well. My GMRS call is WQVH680.

My Amateur Radio goals are to: build antennas, participate in Field Day operations, go Fox Hunting, operate Amateur Satellites & ISS, and more. My goal is to get my Extra ticket later this year.

I’m a trained SKYWARN spotter & I’m a General class accredited VE with the ARRL & Laurel VEC group.

I’m apart of the Ottawa County Amateur Radio Auxiliary and a Net Control station for Ottawa Co. SKYWARN. I’m also a volunteer with the Ottawa Co. Emergency Management through the Sheriff’s Department.

I’m now the Assistant District EC for Michigan’s 6th District.

I served as President of the Holland Amateur Radio Club (HARC) for 2019,  2020, and 2021!

I operate from 4 primary locations when not mobile: EN72, EN85/86, EN75, and EN62.

I just got into HF digital modes: PSK31, JT65, and FT8. I play on all the bands. Due to vision issues, if I miss your call on the screen, I do apologize in advance. It’s happened before. Hopefully I’ll become more efficient as I learn each program. I’m also on Winlink via VHF Packet and WINMOR. Checked at least once a day unless I’m on vacation.

I have made so many good friends on the air such as KD8VUN, KE8BYM, K8ABG, KE8GRY, KE8GBF, and so many others. So many wonderful people in my life now thanks to Ham Radio. I’ve also been able to get one of my family members into ham radio at the same time as myself – Mitch KE8BSO. And I even managed to get my girlfriend into Ham Radio – Kaitlin KD9NRB.

ICOM IC-9100

When I’m not operating the radio, I like to tinker with computers & write/develop programs, web design, cyber security, network integrity, etc. If it’s electronic, I’m automatically interested. I love boating and being in and on the water when it’s warm outside. I’m also kind of a gamer. I play World of Warcraft, Pokemon GO, and other console games (Wii, Xbox, etc). I’m also into Music and Anime.

I’ve had some people ask me about the glasses. It’s a telescope. I have bad vision problems and they help me see a little further than without. Sometimes I wear these “TV Glasses” that make me look bugeye. But they work very well for viewing computer screens.

I also make YouTube videos of my gear & contacts…in addition to other interests. As I dive more into the hobby, the videos will become more diverse in Amateur Radio. Sure I make mistakes but I’ve learned a lot already and they’re not happening anymore. You can get to my YouTube channel from the Social Media link at the bottom of any page on my site.

Clubs & Organizations I’m a member of:

Holland Amateur Radio Club (HARC) – Holland, MI; Ottawa County Skywarn Skyteam (Trained Spotter & NCS) – Ottawa County, MI; The Spotter Network; Ottawa County Amateur Radio Auxiliary (OCARA) – Ottawa County, MI; Ottawa County Emergency Management Team – Ottawa County, MI; SKCC – # 18920

KE8BSM’s Shack

Current Gear:


Wouxun UV950p (Mobile), Wouxun UV8D (HT), Baofeng UV5RE+ (HT), DV Dongle for DSTAR (Computer’s USB port), Tytera MD-380 DMR Radio (HT), Yaesu FT2D (HT), ICOM IC-9100 (Fixed), Yaesu FTM400XDR (Mobile), Uniden BearCat BCD536HP (Scanner)

Radio Accessories:

TNC-X, USB SignaLink


NMO Mag Mount Base with Comet SBB-7NMO & ANTGAIN wide coverage NMO Antenna (Mobiles) and sometimes used on a Diamond K400NMO Mount depending on vehicle, End-fed/random wire antenna for HF – 50ft – 14AWG – covers all bands @ 100W (Decommissioned – maybe used for portable work later), New OCF WINDOM antenna by Buxcomm (80m-2m) HF antenna (Fixed), Homemade J-Pole Antenna (Fixed VHF/UHF)

Shack Computer:

Lenovo IdeaPad 310 – Intel i7 2.7GHz – 8GB RAM – 1TB HDD – Windows 10 64-bit.

UPDATE: General License Earned – April 8th, 2016

Remote Shack Setup

KE8BSM’s Remote Operating Setup When Away From Shack

And this is my setup when I’m operating my rig remotely. I use an iPad to remote into my Shack PC to control HRD, WSJTX, JS8Call, etc. And I use Skype to pass audio to and from the rig to my iPad. Then I just use Bluetooth headphones to listen and talk. It’s a neat setup and works really well when I don’t feel like sitting in the shack and wish to operate my station from elsewhere in the house. Or if I’m on vacation away from home. The IC 9100 remembers its power state so I have a WiFi outlet to control the power supply and I can turn the PS on or off remotely.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re on the air. I want to meet fun and interesting people on the air.

Oh one last thing! If you’re in the West Michigan area and know of a net that is not listed in the Google calendar or iOS calendar, please reach out to me via my contact form here.

Head on over to my QRZ page as well.


Check out the Ham Radio Forum here. And feel free to check out my callsign on PSKReporter down below, as well as a calendar of West Michigan Ham Radio Nets as well. Also down below, you’ll find my Amateur Radio YouTube playlist for your viewing pleasure. You will also find my YouTube Live Streaming feed below as well if I’m streaming a Ham Radio event. NOTE that I also might stream other things unrelated to Ham Radio.  

Amateur Radio Playlist